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Friday, April 15, 2011

♥ Nail art - fruit slices!

Hello lovelyyyyy :)
So I am finally updating my blog. Been a very long time. Very busyy. School is such a pain!
Anyway, here is another nail art video - This had been on my YouTube channel for awhile now but its not really detailed. I'll explain more on my blog.

These fruit slices can be purchased on ebay. You have to do a few searches to get a good price haha I got 50 fimo sticks for around $3. That is very worth it. But cutting it up is a pain :( I still haven't sliced them all up yet. I'll make my boyfriend do that. Well, he thinks its fun anyway ;) hehe. Okay so you need a really thin blade. A knife won't work cause thats too thick. You want it to be really thin so that it will stay on your nails better. I suggest using nail polish as glue just so that it won't ruin your nails as much as glue would. But then again, glue stays on better..... your choice. And its going to take practice to get those fimo slices to look decent! I still can't always get them to be perfect =T In this tutorial I overlapped the slices to make it look.. better? I think it looks better that way. Enjoy :)

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