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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

♥ Simple romantic nails !

Hello everyone!
Here is another nail tutorial and this time it is on romantic nails, and perfect for Valentines Day!

I used the colour "Pink" form Sally Hansen, which has a little bit of shine.
1.  Put the pink onto a little bit more than a quarter of your nails
2.  Wait for it to dry and put a layer of glitter/sparkles onto the tips (pink)
3. Put clear nail polish onto the area where the pink and clear area meet - this will act as a glue for the pearls
4.  Next put pearl gems onto the part where the pink meets the clear area (Using pearl gems gives it a soft look)
If you do not have pearls, simply dot the area with glitter
5.  If you want to add more to the nails, I suggest adding a heart (I added a pink heart)
6.  Top coat